The History of RTSI

The Early Years:

Tahoe Postcard was started in 1964 by Brent Gramanz. The company distributed postcards in the Northern California and Lake Tahoe areas. As the postcard market grew, the company expanded into the Reno market and started creating and distributing souvenir products. Many of the companies first postcards featured photographs taken by Brent. Some of these photographs are still in use today.A New Company Is Born:Tahoe Postcard became Reno Tahoe Specialty, Inc. (RTSI) in 1973. It was at this time that Brent, along with his brother Ron, began to focus on growing the company within Northern California, Reno & Lake Tahoe. During this time Brent began to develop new partnerships with overseas manufacturers. These new relationships enabled us to offer attractive new products and pricing, which opened up opportunities to expand.New Markets:RTSI entered the Las Vegas market in the late 70’s with innovative souvenir products and design concepts. Once established in the growing Las Vegas market, the company soon became the largest souvenir supplier in the state of Nevada. As we continue to provide great new products and service to markets in California and Nevada, we have also expanded business across the United States by developing custom import souvenirs with new partners.

At RTSI, our goal is to bring creative & unique souvenir products to tourist destinations around the world. Whether the souvenir is a mug, key chain, t-shirt or any other product, our team is ready to help you bring it to your market.